Miramar High School JROTC

Patriot Battalion

Battalion Staff 2013-2014








                                       Battalion Commander                                        



                Executive Officer's       


      Command Sargent Major


______________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________




Battalion S-1 Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Receive names of absentees from the sergeant
  • major at then end of each month. 
  • Plan and coordinate special ceremonies.
  • Plan and publish any orders necessary for plan and 
    operation of the cabinet battalion.
  • Maintain personal company and qualification records 
    on all cadets.
  • Publish and execute the cadet battalion's recruiting plan.
  • Keep boards posted and prepare periodic strength 
    reports of cadets and staff.



Battalion S-2 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Security layouts and evacuation 
    plans for each class room.
  • Access rosters for all sensitive areas.
  • Sign in/out sheets for arms room on the 
    back of the door.
  • Weapon inventory for M-1 Rifles and and 
    Pellet Rifles.
  • Always have assistants name and number down.
  • Have copies of all of the above... including 
    inventories up to six months back.



  Battalion S-3 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare weekly training schedules, 
    and post them no later than a week in advance.
  • Select and designate cadet officers in 
    coordination with the instructor staff.
  • Assign areas for outdoor training and insure 
    companies are ready for instruction.
  • Inspect drill field prior to drill and ceremony. 
  • Maintain the units reference library.
  • Plan and supervise field events and extra 
    curricular activities. 



Battalion S-4 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create JROTC clothing record for each cadet.
  • Maintain accountability of all equipment and supplies.
  • Conduct periodic inventories of on-hand supplies and equipment.
  • Ensure adequate cleaning materials are available.
  • Maintain supply rooms in a near and orderly fashion.
  • Collect and dispose of excess items.        




Battalion S-5 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan and coordinate special projects as outlined by the BC, 
    XO, or by the instructor staff.
  • Maintain records on all activities and coordination as they 
    pertain to each project.
  • Keep the BC,XO, and the instructor's informed of the progress , 
    or any problems encountered with the projects.




Battalion S-6 Duties and Responsibilities

  • The duties of the assigned S-6 are to maintain the JROTC website.
  • Also they are responsible for setting up and maintaining 
    all electronic equipment issued to the cadet battalion.
  • Additionally, this cadet insures that all equipment is operational 
    and that spare parts are are on hand at all times. 

Battalion S-7 Duties and Responsibilities